All successful authors are known for their creativity and commitment. When he signs a contract, the writer will be wholly committed to complete the work within the deadline assigned. Hoping for having more time to write the article make the writer weak in his writing skills and the publisher cannot have that writer for a long period. When a task is given to paraphrase a poem, the writer can use the tool paraphraser or the rewording tool that help in better writing.

Below are the best lessons from the famous writers that a beginner can follow before they start writing. The lessons are from the immense days of hard work devoted by the writers to get into the top list.

Inspiration gained by keeping deadlines

Writers move towards their writing with focus and commitment. Most writers start writing through some inspirations, but without setting a specific goal they achieve nothing. In such cases, inspiration doesn’t seek much relevance and all a writer need is the focus and commitment to reach the specific goal or the deadline. For better novels, a writer should be creative in his writing skills and ideas should be highly demanding. A writer is said to be committed only if he complete the project within the deadline.

Maintaining deadlines keep the writer honest and trustworthy and the publisher wills to assign him more tasks. The only inspiration the writer should have is the deadline and he should heavily work on that.

Blocking writer’s choice

If we google writer’s block while surfing the net, then we can get millions of results about the hacked articles and blocked writers. The skilled and professional authors do not always believe on the blocking of writers. They always see this as a kind of fear that doubts the creativity of the writers and worries about their actions. Writers always fear about the readers because readers do not focus on a write up if it is not worth reading it. They always worry about their skills and over time they start feeling that they don’t have the skill in them anymore.

Importance of playing

As one grows there are many changes awaiting for him. Over time he will lose the passion for playing and will lead the life with numbness. There are many reasons for this condition. The busy lifestyle most of the people following nowadays have resulted in them to stick into the gadgets. They are using gadgets and technology for each and everything ranging from paying bills to buying groceries. The wonder and playfulness have almost lost the teenagers and children have still the spark in them. Children are ready to accept challenges because they do not know what is impossible.

To get the emotional feeling of the readers, the writer should have lots of experience. The writer should think in the way a reader thinks and should touch the mind of the readers. To make this possible, a write should first set out and should have an eagerness to play. Connect and enjoy the work you are supposed to do. Always fill the hearts of readers with happiness through the words you have mentored in your heart through your book.

Do not rely on the number of books sold

Even if the writer is successful in selling hundreds and millions of books worldwide, he may not feel still to be at the top of the game. For beginners, the heart will be filled with full of insecurities and doubts. They want in their books to hit the best seller grounds and want to the fame.

When the writer feels himself to be inferior, then the feelings of doubt and insecurity start rooting in their heart. Selling millions of books and hitting the count of best sellers may not feel a writer to be the top of the game. Achieving success entirely lies in the willpower of the writer. He should be passionate in his writing skills and should always stick on to the point that selling millions of games never make any person be at the top of the game.

Concentrate on the work

Instead of being depressed on other writings, concentrate on the work assigned and put the maximum effort in that. The best possible way is to tell the story to others and share those experiences. Each and every writer differs from each other and the writing advice is not treated equally for everyone. To get the work done with perfection, a writer can rely on a number of tools to make the writings better. If the writer needs to paraphrase a poem, he can use the paraphraser or rewording tool for making the writings plagiarism free and error free.


The lessons given above are based on the immense hours of hard work the writers have contributed to getting a place at the top of the list. The examples given may not always help us but, still, some of the realities can mentor us to become a good writer.

So now it is high time to include all these points into our writings as the proverb says better late than never. Start by applying the tips and advice from the experts.