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Writer’s Block: An Inevitable Slump

Writers often stumble upon working unproductive minutes, or even hours just blankly staring at the computer screen with nothing to write. This phenomenon, which sucks the life of both established and up-and-coming writers, is termed as the “writer’s block.” In this phase, writers find it very difficult to generate new ideas, or continue ones they have been working for hours. What could be more infuriating is the fact that you came to realize that you also wasted some of your precious resources –power, time, and even your favorite Barista coffee!

Why Do I Suffer from This?

There is a wide array of reasons for you to be trapped in this seemingly unending horizon. To give a quick recap, here is a short list:

  • You feel bored and distracted. Did you ever have that day wherein you just want to lie on your bed to watch an NFL game? We all have that day. You may also find yourself wanting to go to that late night party assembled by your friends, when you need to complete your paper. Prioritize your tasks ahead and couple it with time management to get going.
  • There is a chunk in your article you have little knowledge over. This is absolutely true for occurrences you failed to or did little research. It would really be outrageous to write a review about The Hunger Games Trilogy when the last book you have read depicts the apple from the cover of
  • You fear that readers would feast on your “flawed” craft. When crippled with fear, writers become less effective and tend to keep to themselves ideas they perceive to be subject of scrutiny. If this happens, shortage of ideas would be imminent, leading to the writer’s block.
  • You screen too much. This scenario is a product of perfectionism, and could be a result of fear itself. When you care too much about other’s remarks, you become too selective of the appropriate words or ideas to use. This, again, leads to shortage of ideas leading to futile minutes.
  • Now is just not the time. There could be a bunch of much simpler reasons that is stopping you from generating ideas. Such examples would be your baby sister crying, the broken AC, or the absence of the usual coffee mug you use to get your day going. Let some minutes or hours get past, and you will be good to go.

Rekindle the Fire

Want to get back fast? Here are a few to steps to get by:

  • Practice in-between rests. Like a man who hits the gym to get that six pack, you also need to understand the value of rest. Rigorous hours of thinking and writing could take a toll on your ability to go on, making you feel empty, stressed and tired. Set goals and once you have finished them, insert a 10-15 minute rest off the computer screen or your notebook. Your head would instantly feel lighter, making you able to generate ideas back again. Works best with cold juice or coffee.
  • Have an oxygen surge. Time and again, research have proven that a good oxygen supply correlates to a good functioning mind. Needless to say, when the going gets tough and your ideas have run dry, it would be desirable to stop and breathe in your much needed air. Pair it with a three to five minute exercise for optimum results.
  • Hop on that roadblock. There would be times where your mettle will be tested, especially when you are on a topic that you find insurmountable. Instead of further wasting time, why not skip to a topic you think you can add more value? This will not only save you time, but will also get your gears going when you go back to that topic you deem absurd.
  • Feed your senses. It would be an understatement to say that listening to good music calms the soul. Give your five senses a short treat to stimulate brain power and function. It could range from simply gazing at a beatiful artwork, a change in scenery, or having your partner massage you for a few feel-good moments.
  • Keep hustling until something comes out. Not all writers have the luxury to sit out for minutes or hours, doing nothing. These writers, who are constantly pressured by the limited timeframe that the nature of their job brings, just cannot give up. Initially, try to write far-fetched ideas and phrases until something valuable comes out. Pair this with either a rock or lively music to unleash the inner rush in you.
  • Reach out to a friend and read motivational quotes. It is almost imperative for a writer to have a good friend that will stay through the abundance of thought or famine of the same – no pun intended. Speaking with a friend somehow gets you off the hook, and makes you gleeful. Also, try to read motivational quotes. These quotes could inspire you to work harder for what you have always dreamt of – getting that book published.

Brain as the Center of It All

It all boils down to your brain’s capacity to yield quality ideas – whether now or later. Sometimes, all it needs is a few minutes of spare time to recuperate. Take the time off to get a short rest, with soothing music or hot coffee. Also, finding out the best time, on which you have the ability to generate above-par ideas, is of utmost concern. With proper identification of what is really causing you to have a shortage of ideas, comes the proper solution to solve your writer’s block.

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