Do you want to be a writer?

Have you been in two minds about whether to start your own book?

There is a story in every person. Every soul wants to come out and tell the world what their heart and soul is shouting. It’s no wonder that many people today are aspiring authors, and at the very least want to write a book. Though it might not be that big a surprise that it is difficult to bring your thoughts together to finally pen down the masterpiece that you know is going to blow everyone’s mind, it doesn’t matter then whether it’s a cookbook with amazing recipes or the next psychological thriller.

Let us help you with the process of starting your own book by using the effective and immensely simple technique of mind mapping. It’s known by different names such as ‘Mind Maps’, ‘The Brain Dump’, etc., but what matters is not the name but the power of the technique.

It’ll not only help you create a detailed outline of your project but would also guide you through to the end product that you have always wanted to write.

Here’s how you can use mind maps to write your own book:

Use Both Sides Of Your Brain

It’s often said that the right side of the brain is the creative side while the left being the analytical side. Well, fret not because with the visual techniques of mind maps you can stimulate both the sides of your brain and develop a threshold of ideas for your potential book.

All you need to do is spread the potential ideas and titles for your book on a large poster board using nothing but post-it notes. It doesn’t matter where you place these notes on the board, what matters is that you spread out all of your ideas in a single place.

Then, from here on you can use these notes and create organized notes. You can organize them on the basis of related topics, similar ideas, different scenarios, etc. This will give you enough ideas for giving a head start to your book. Using this technique you can have chapters, sub-chapters, topics to club together, etc.

You can further make use of these notes by coupling them with your laptop and noting down the organized notes in the form of subheadings, chapter names, topics, etc.

Using White Boards & Markers

Mind mapping is a visual technique; hence it is only apt that you can make use of this brilliant technique on other types of visually stimulated screens and surfaces as well. For instance, you can create a fully functional and effective mind map on a white board or your computer screen.

The basic fundamentals of the mind mapping techniques are the same, using a visual stimulus to enhance ideas and prospects and achieve collective thought building process. So it’s only natural that the technique works similarly using white boards and marker, and even computer screens if you are that tech savvy.

With the board and markers, instead of using post it notes, you draw your ideas out on the board and link similar ideas and thoughts to create a logical chain. You can create different word associations using different colored pens and markers to organize your thoughts and ideas. Once you are done doing this, you can now arrange your ideas by organizing them into a table of contents and begin working on your book.

Using Computer Software

The mind mapping technique has already become immensely popular and there are already several mind mapping software available to facilitate the process for you. Here are some examples:

This software also comes with dedicated tutorials to guide you through the process. You can follow the same basic steps and create a systematic chain of logical mind maps albeit on a digital screen.

Get Ready To Start Writing

After you’ve gone through the process of creating elaborate visual mind maps complete with logical chain on topics connecting each other, you can sit down in calm with your detailed structure and contents. You will realise that you now have a literal map to get you from the first to the last page of your book. You can start by writing summaries or synopsis of chapters by using the outlines that you’ve created.

The benefit of these mind maps is simple, that you do not miss out on any potential idea, and have a complete collection of your manuscript that you can now pen down easily and swiftly. Mind mapping has already helped budding authors and writers, professional and amateurs to use this technique to not only begin, but actually finish their books.