Only have one book? Mark’s advice: write the second book. No matter what.

Want more advice? Read on, and listen in to this week’s show:

We chat with Mark Dawson, of Self Publishing Formula course fame (and a damn fine author, to boot!), about Facebook (and other) advertising. One of the things that (naturally) came up was a discussion about building a mailing list, and the immense value therein. For instance:

  • Mark has an advance team (like Nick’s “Street Team“) of over 700 readers
  • Those readers help with technical issues, errors, typos, plot edits, etc.
  • He’s able to launch¬†every book he writes¬†to the Top 100 in Amazon’s store

In short, he’s been able to do that using nothing but Facebook’s advertising platform.

Questions we asked Mark:

  1. How much money do we need to start?
  2. What about genre? Young Adult (young) readers aren’t really on Facebook/able to purchase books
  3. What’s next, after Facebook?