A few resources:

Nick’s Methods:

  • Swipe files: Popular Science magazine, National Geographic, etc.
  • “Iterative Approach:” Iterate and change a simple, granular idea until you have a better idea
  • Rewrite a book you’ve read in the past (don’t worry, it will likely be completely different when you’re done with it!)

Kevin’s Methods:

  • Get inspiration from pre-made book covers, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc.
  • Get inspiration from artwork, “fantasy/sci-fi artwork” (or generalize for your genre)
  • “Characters might be born out of a conversation with someone in real life”
  • “Forensic Approach:” Ask yourself questions about a (theoretical) story
  • “Epic doesn’t start with epic”

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

“Blue Topaz: Machine Helicopter.”