Voicemails! Two today:

1. Should I “ship” (release the book) right away or wait until it’s “perfect?”

Nick’s answer: Have a process (“The Gauntlet”) that protects you. Here’s mine:

  1. Write
  2. Rewrite
  3. Self-Edit
  4. Send to Editor
  5. Beta Readers
  6. Final Read-Through
  7. Release!

Kevin’s answer: Don’t wait until it’s “perfect” — it never will be! However, have an “MVP” (Minimum Viable Product) that’s been edited, polished, make it something you’re proud of. Don’t just go for “good enough,” but make it something you’re truly happy with. Just not perfect!

2. Should I buy an ISBN? Do I need one?

In short, no. Unless you’re really keen on having your book show up in book distribution catalogs and systems with your publishing company listed as the name. Kevin and I use CreateSpace for paperback versions, and I use IngramSpark for hardcover (they have a really nice matte finished cover option). CreateSpace is listed as the publisher according to Bowker when you look it up in the store (brick-and-mortar).

Bottom line: build your audience through ebooks, not print. You’ll make about the same amount from each anyway, and ebooks are obviously cheaper.

Most importantly, Kevin knows the phone number! 978-48-ASK-ME