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Industry-standard 125 x 125 pixel sidebar ads [/services_style6]

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RSS-driven email campaign ads


[services_style6 title=”Newsletter” link=”″ icon=”icon-bullhorn”]

Plain-text and HTML-formatted emails sent out 2-3x/week


[services_style6 title=”Rotating Images/Text” link=”″ icon=”icon-rocket”]

Text-based or image-based (animated ads too!)


[services_style6 title=”Blog Ads” link=”″ icon=”icon-thumbs-up”]

Larger rectangular ads above and below posts


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Tweet your book or website to over 5,000 followers!



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We use the BeaconAds network (owned and operated by BuySellAds), which is a Christian-based ad network that matches advertisers with publishers and displays family-friendly advertisements. The ads and corresponding empty ad spaces are minimal, elegant, and beautiful, and display nicely on any screen, device, or browser.

If you’ve considered promoting yourself or your work through advertising, should be a top consideration. Why?


  1. It’s cheap. We’re opening things up with ads that range from $10-$20, per month!
  2. It’s effective. Our initial ad spots sold on our RSS-to-email campaign, and achieved clickthrough rates of almost 10%! (9.6% over a 22-day test)
  3. It’s easy. By working with BeaconAds, management for you (and us) is hands-off, and you can log in at any time to make changes or check stats


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